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Subject: - For the qualitative improvement of primary education through
The Common Minimum Programme have been implemented for the qualitative improvement of primary education.
The following activities programme and schedule are prepared as under:-

1. Infrastructural Facilities in the school :
(a) Spacious, well decorated class-rooms provide sufficient environment for individual and group activities.
(b) Aqua guards are used to supply pure, safe drinking water.
(c) Big play ground with swings, slides, sea-saw, ocean-wave, merry go-round with sufficient play material.
(d) Well maintained garden with lovely flowers, shady trees, and lush green lawns.
(e) Toilets facilities with running water and hygienic conditions are being provided.

2. School Management and Community support :
(a) There are 532 pupils studying under the able guidance of 17 primary teachers and one music teacher.
(b) The management is providing full financial & academic support for all round development of the children.

3. School and Class room Environment:
(a) Well lit, well ventilated, class rooms are available.
(b) Healthy relationship between student-teachers, student-student, Teacher and administration, Teacher-Teacher are being observed.
(c) Compulsory health check up of all primary children is conducted by Govt. Doctors once in a session.

4. Curriculum and teaching learning material:
* Time-table has been framed as per norms of C.M.P.
* House wise co-curricular activities every Friday and morning assembly (Every Friday and Saturday)are conducted by primary children.
* Students are motivated by giving prizes for best performance in all co-curricular activities.
* Sports and games activities are also conducted house-wise.
* Community lunch is organized in the school on 14th Nov. i.e. Children's Day.
* Children are taken for excursion.
* Competency based teaching is going on.
* Black board is being used judiciously.
* Class libraries are well maintained.
* Well planned activities with the help of TLM are being undertaken by the teachers.

5 Teacher Preparations:
* Parents-teacher meeting is organized after every term tests.
* Teachers are taking various training programmes such as in service-course, workshops and GSWP (Think Quest) etc. from time to time organized By KVS. Computer aided Lessons (TAL) are undertaken.
* Cluster level meeting for C.M.P is being conducted in the Vidyalaya.

6.Learner's Assessment, Monitoring and Supervision:
· Grading system of evaluation is being followed strictly.
· In class I & II C.C.E is being observed.
· Term-wise evaluation with half-yearly and SEE are being conducted.
· Children are motivated by giving rewards for subject –wise best performance on the result declaration day.
Film Show:-It is being organized fortnightly with the help of LCD projector.

Publication of magazine:-It has been published at the end of I term.

Learning Resource Room:-Well equipped learning resource room has been developed as per CMP norms.

Worksheets: Worksheet are being prepared on regular basis to provide and evaluate additional information based on curriculum.

CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya (Updated as on 04-11-2018).
Report of various activities conducted

A. EXCURSION – An excursion was held for classes I and II. Buses were arranged. Students and class teachers of class I and II went to temples, mosque, Gurudwara, Post office and Lalbagh, lunch was also taken. An excursion program was organized by school from classes IIIrd to XI at Nakhrali Dhani. Nine buses were arranged. The student along with the teachers left the vidyalaya early in the morning . Then they took breakfast. All the teacher and students saw the program which was going on at Nakhrali Dhani. Puppets show, magic show and dances were going on. The teacher and students also took part in it.

B. FOUNDATION DAY – foundation day of kendrya vidyalaya was celebrated on 15 Dec. 2009 joyfully. Principal and staff member took an oath. Cultural programs were held and teacher and principal gave speech.

C. FILM SHOW – During Film show periods, different films were showed. Gandhi, Vivekanand,Jumbo, little Ganesha, Krishna, Maruti mera dost,Taare Zammen par, Little Stuart etc.

D. BAL MELA – children fair was celebrated in the month of ­­November stalls were arranged by students and teachers. All students were came in colorful dresses .Different games were organized. Different stalls such as ice-cream, khaman, pav-bhaji, chaat, bhelpuri, sandwich, balloon e.t.c. were installed children showed their enthusiasm. Teachers also enjoyed very much

E.HARMONY WEEK- communal harmony week was celebrated in the month of November. Different programmes related to all religions were organized in morning assembly by students speech on communal harmony were given by principal and other teacher of Vidyalaya.

F. COMMUNITY LUNCH – Lunch for primary section was organized on  14-11-2018. Every students and every teacher took lunch and enjoyed it.




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