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The emerging dimension is for caring and sharing.In this direction ,it is heartening to note that KVS has been playing positive and constructive role for enhancing the academic vibrancy of the school environment under the able guidance of Ms.H.K.Sanhotra,Deputy Commissioner,Regional Office,Bhopal & her team.The recent post has shown that KVS  could recover with a formidable speed and strength to gain its glory in the educational map of country.


Today we are facing unprecedented challenges in almost every sphere of life, in a world that demands higher order thinking. In an earlier, more predictable era, people could more easily build on existing frames of reframes. Supported by their education, to understand respond to changes. In the present day scenario however intellectual capital, creativity and innovation need to organized in a manner suited to increasingly complex demand.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Dhar envisages and dedicates itself for the all-round development of the students through acadmic, Scholastic and co-curricular activites. Children are natured in steady and pre planned manner for capable and worthy citizens of tomorrow. Vidyalaya website is one of the ways through which creativity manifests itself. Expressions of views will certainly take thenm to new horizons.

This issue will lie on the hands of readers. I convey my gratefulness to the editorial board, students and teachers who have been associated with it. I am also sincerely indebted to worthy chairman VMC, Sh. C.B.Singh and all the distinguished VMC  members of KV Dhar for valuable guidance and support.





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